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Seeking credibility and testimony are prominent thing customers do when they do their research on anything that excites them.
Here, having a well put out website and an application can make or break the situation, altogether.
A website and an application give out brand’s first impression, and often people take it for granted. It solidifies the brand’s visibility,
business reach, build trust and give audience confidence to take the next step and pave way for future businesses.
Without any online presence, any business simply misses out on a huge opportunity that might befall on them.
Also, have you ever wondered how much time we spend daily on our phones and internet?
It isn’t astounding as to how we use mobile apps and websites for every single task.

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From good research to the latest technology and everything in between

Do ground research

To develop a website or an application that strikes the right chord with audiences, one need to prick their heads with exhaustive research on industry trends and consumer demands. An in-depth analysis will give you a picture of what attracts what in the market. For applications, customer reviews on popular applications will help in gauging the interests, preferences and pain areas of your audience.

Identify target audience

Identifying the right audience is imperative as user base decides the success and failure of your application and website. Thorough research helps in understanding the requirements and features that are included later on the website and application.

Ponder upon design aspect

Keeping your design straightforward and intuitive is the key. On the contrary, having a poor and overcrowded user interface can turn off users, causing them to leave the website and uninstall your application. Avoid unnecessary elements and have a seamless flow of information. With less distraction, the user can easily navigate through.

Budget and time frame

Be crystal clear with cost and time frame needed for the development to avoid any budgetary and end time constraints. Hence both must be defined properly in all stages of development. Keep track of your timelines and budget.

Up strong maintenance

Application maintenance is crucial. It should never be the case that you deliver the website and application, and get done with it. You need to keep it up to date for uncompromised client experience, remove bugs as they appear, retouch content from time to time and track user analytics to understand as to how they are performing.

Services Offered:

Website Designing Services

Designs that bring change to your digital presence, reach and amplifies your business.

Mobile Web Design with AMP

Compelling, smooth, and faster loading, AMP designs lead to better engagement.

Ecommerce Website

Easily indexable and crawlable, our solution keeps your business alive 24x7 and 365 days.

Mobile App Development

Converting free users into paying customers, our Apps are the push that your business needs.

Web Application Development

Salable branding and enhanced reachability, our standalone applications serves you best.

Corporate Website Design

A professional digital presence is all you need to remain relevant, credible and a reliable source.

Product Website Design

A window to your world of possibilities, we make your products a star that leave people gawking.

Why DigiStreet Media for your Website and App development?

With our wealthy experience, the best team of developers and wide skillset, we try to push boundaries to stay ahead of the curves. As a 360-degree marketing agency, we believe in measurable outputs which are done by putting all digital blocks in place for our clients to make their business thrive. We do a thorough walk through your website and suggest any changes or essential services that your website might need. We are honest and very credible with our suggestions as your name will define us.

We use the latest tools to make sure that the right message reaches the right audience. We help you track your audience and understand their needs. We do efficient ROI across channels and gets you the required business. We ensure a detailed review with in depth monitoring. Our services are innovatively ahead and user-friendly that provides seamless navigation that let our client leave a lasting impression. It’s all about giving a striking and appealing first impression and we can get that deal sealed for you. As a bespoke website design company under the watch of best developers, we work in a consultative way, serving you as your advisors, designers and developers. We study our competitors’ strategies to assess their functionalities and features offerings. This provides us a robust base to work on. You can count on us as our websites have been named best in their categories.

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What are the traits of sales-driven website and an app?

It needs to be crisp, well-structured and well defined with meta tags and title tags with strong SEO placements that will make it reach search engines. Mobile optimisation is a must. It needs to be mobile friendly as mobile traffic is immense. It needs to be secured and fast. Make sure your website and app have quick page load time as users lose interest with slow websites.

Can you give me a fixed priced quote?

Yes. Before we begin with the work, we do detailed project analysis with you followed by providing you with a fixed quote and time frame in which and how we will complete the project. You can hold us accountable for delivering what is being promised.

Are websites SEO friendly?

Yes. All websites that we make are SEO friendly that gets you top in the search engine to attract impatient web surfers. We have SEO specialists who will help you in choosing the right keyword for your sites.

Do you provide any support after project completion?

Yes, it’s not a matter of done and dusted for us. We are there to fix any sort of bugs that appear and deliver minor changes in design and content that happens from time to time. When the free period is over, you can always bounce back to paid maintenance and support in need.

Can I see the website and app between building process?

Yes, we keep the transparency and communication alive and gives you the URL of our demo server to entertain any suggestions and recommendations. You can also track the progress development like this.

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