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Display Marketing

Display Marketing: A robust marketing mix

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Interactive approach to your marketing campaign

Have you come across a Hindi saying “JO DIKHTA HAI, WO BIKTA HAI”? Do you believe it? If yes, then display marketing is the only way
in this digital world to ensure that your product has visibility. All of your marketing campaigns depends on what you are showing.
Visual of your product or service conveys the idea, motivation, and information that will decide your promotion.
In this world of semantic web where the primary goal of businesses is to widen their reach and awareness,
display marketing is a great tool for the promotion of a brand and its adjoined entities.
Display marketing is often considered as picture ads as they contain graphics,
video elements, and linked text. These multimedia ads are more engaging and
excel in this digital world of info-graphics.

People don’t buy what you do, but what you show.


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Encompassing all of your marketing strategies.

Promoting personalized and strengthened image.


These types of ads can be static, animated, or interactive as they have more room to reflect the brand’s idea and creativity. Banner ads are also the most influential type of ads one can use to cater masses. These can be created in various sizes ensuring page flexibility.


Pop-up ads are often considered as surprise ads because they show up suddenly after a user initiates a specific action depending on the java scripting and site structure. These ads ensure quick buying actions that help in elevating sales and revenues.

Pop Under

Pop-under ads are the same as pop up ads but often show up after a website gets closed. These are mostly used in reminding visitors to reconsider the already visited product.

Layer Ads

These are far different from pop-up ads as they layers the whole site content without any separate screen.

Content Ads

These are the ads that are placed within the content of a website. These ads are often structured in a form of banners and get embedded in the specific content section.

Promised deliverables:

  • Interactive ads for aggressive engagement.
  • Increased visibility ensuring sales and revenues.
  • Enhanced pitching leading to consistent traffic.
  • Advertising strategies resulting in better projections.
Why DigiStreet Media for Display Marketing?

We believe that advertising is not only about pitching, but an integrated arsenal including storytelling, interactivity, and marketing. One must cater to those graphical screens to build up a digital presence. Based on the contemporary trends, we make sure that your ad should be inclined to gain engagement that helps in developing a brand’s image and loyal customer base. Our planned procedures ensure multi-channel marketing and therefore promoting sales and revenues.

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How picture ads enhance engagement?

Today every brand pursues picture ads for their marketing strategies because picture ads have the power to influence the masses most interactively. These ads often consist of multimedia that helps brands to target people effectively and hence ensuring superior engagement.

What are the advantages of display marketing?

a. Direct Targeting

b. Multimedia Format

c. Enhanced performance with cookies and trackers

d. Brand building

e. Quick buying actions

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