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Imagination engaging masses

We all love watching those flipbook transitions, do you know why? Because the way it reflects the idea is not ordinary
and exhibits creativity and engagement. Today, in this world of digital marketing where every brand wants to cater
to the masses, Animation and GIFs are the new ways to pitch ideas more interestingly and engagingly.
Animation and gifs are used to describe a complex message in a simpler manner
making it visually appealing.

Process of transforming compound ideas into effortless ideas.


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Power of entertaining and influencing promotes sales and revenues.

Brand animation

A brand animation is a summary of your brand that shows what your company is all about. These  animations consists of word, text, pictures, and music engaging masses with a smooth and flawless experience. Also features client presentation, line of products.


These types of animations help brands in guiding the user throughout the website and get activated when a certain action is performed. Just like Instagram’s like button that gets activated as soon as the user likes a post.

3D animation

3D Animation is a 3-dimensional animation that looks more realistic with a comprehensive view. 3D models are being used to show the depth that helps in promoting ideas more efficiently.


These graphics are used to show small yet witty information. It is often used to announce a new product or discounts. These are very low in a format that can be sent directly via email.

Why DigiStreet Media for Animations and GIFs?

By enhanced ideation and contemporary ways of promotion, we make sure that our client’s business remains ahead of the competition leading to an increase in engagement and pitching. We understand how much animation is essential in today’s digital world and we never fail to make use of that. We have boosted several brand communications through animations and gifs. Our creations have successfully penetrated people’s minds within that small attention span with strong influence.

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