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Getting watched makes you relevant

Some call it a curse, some call it a boon, but social media is the fastest-growing trend in the world that
has changed our way of living and doing business. Hence, the advent of Social Media Marketing.
Nomophobia is the fear of not being near your mobile phones, well 99% of this can allude to the addictive nature of social media.
And this word defines our obsession to claim our presence. This widespread use makes the medium of
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn an incredible marketing opportunity.
Undeniably, the media has become a tool for creating personalised relationships with the audience, customers and prospects.
More than that, it has become a great source of brand recognition with which
you can grab eyeballs and get leads, queries, increase sales and drive website traffic.

Targeting the right audience at the right place with the right approach


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Getting the best out of social media

Social Media is much deeper than it seems, and we go in-depth with these and more.

Audit background

Before strategizing what next, it’s important to dig deep and dissect whatever you have, i.e., where your brand name stands. Some points to keep in mind are: networks brand is active on, are those network optimised, which medium is getting the most value and where do they stand in comparison to competitors. This will serve as the base of the future course of action.

Know your ideal customer

An ideal marketer is one who knows and understands the customer so well that the product or service he markets fits him and sells itself. Understand the personas of your customers and define your plan accordingly.

Define your brand line

The fusion of brand line reflecting your brand identity in sync with your social media presence will build you as a brand. One should keep in mind their ideal customer while doing this to hit the right chords. It would be no hyperbole to say that people follow experts, not generalists. Hence, businesses without guiding mission, approach and randomness will fail.

A close watch

Assessing process through analytic reports that provide insights into quantitative and qualitative data is crucial. If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. It’s useless to spend time and money on something that isn’t improving the bottom line. Hence, it’s critical to navigate through your happenings. One can do that by considering few metrics like conversions rate, time spent on the website, reach, brand mentions and total shares.

Engaging content

Armed with the information of an ideal audience and your brand knowledge, now it’s on content that can make or break your business game. Writing witty and concise copy that conveys the right message with an eye-catchy design is prominent. Here, it’s crucial to understand what will work best for the brand.

Track, analyse and optimise

If you ace this, you ace the social media presence. Tracking results, analysing data and then tweaking to optimise them is crucial and an art that only keen marketers have. It’s important to make your presence relatable hence optimise your strategy as tour continue to grow and learn more about your business and audience.

Services Offered:

Facebook Marketing

Millions of businesses: big and small connects with people on Facebook and helps your business reach its business goal.

LinkedIn Marketing

For B2B social networking and lead generations, leveraging LinkedIn as a marketing tool is where the action is.

Instagram Marketing

Grow your brand awareness and introduce new products in a friendly, authentic way without hard selling to customers.

Influencer Marketing

Targeting key industry leaders to drive brand message and awareness to a specific market of consumers.

Social Media Branding

Boost brand awareness by consistently using the right methods to engage with the target audience on social media.

Why DigiStreet Media for your Social Media Marketing?

Often people live in the misconception that social media marketing is all about doing content. There is more to social media marketing than just content for us. Our witty social media team dive deep into the latest social media trends, strategies, user behaviour with comprehensive platform research and strategize a plan for you. If someone is not using social media marketing already, they need to consider it now or lose in the long run. Reasons for people to avoid social media has shrunk with time. Here, if you know exactly where you could find the right clients, won’t that be easy? We do the needful for you. Content is the fuel of social media. Therefore, it is crucial to consider creating high quality, relatable, intriguing and engaging content as a top priority. Quality is never compromised with us. For this, we create content calendar outlining how often posting will be done, which topics will be covered and when it will be delivered. This way, we help you engage with community of professionals to drive actions that are relevant to your business.

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Why is social media strategy volatile yet crucial?

An effective social media strategy is volatile in nature. It’s a constant work in progress that change with time and trend. Hence, having a strategy is important to track as to what works best and what not for you and how it will be treated.

What does social media management tool do?

A secret to a great marketer is the fact that they leverage tools to boost their productivity. With the right social media tools, you can avoid burnout as it will scale the efforts with ease. Also, never miss a post by its ability to schedule posts ahead of time.

Why use social media for business?

Let’s face it: the world has gone social, and so has the business. If you have doubts, know your screen times, and you will get a reality check. Hence, if you want your business to get in front of people, social media is the millennial way to do it, to remain relevant.

What social platform should I use?

It depends on the client. Every brand is unique, deciding on which platform works best depends on various factors like who is your targeted audience, what products and services do they provide and the goal they wish to achieve. We can guide you through this in details.

How often should I post?

Best is to post twice a week. But, at the same time, it varies from platform to platform and brand to brand. You can go regular on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram considering they are favourites. Also, another way to stay top on mind is by utilising stories capability of Facebook and Instagram. They just last for 24 hours and hence gives you the ability to go exclusive and urgent with content without being too excessive on posts.

What is the difference between an ad and post on social media?

It’s a matter of paid and organic social media marketing. Ads counts for the former one. If a social media post says “sponsored”, it means your reaction to it is considered a paid one. Posts, shares, comments, likes or messages are an easy way to get organic social media flow. A successful social media marketing strategy is one that includes both factors as a fusion of both ensures a larger reach and follow book.

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