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Your website is your 24x7 salesperson to the whole world

Today’s World Wide Web no longer just alludes to information, sending emails or connecting with people,
but it has expanded its reach by offering services and products at customer’s doorsteps.
E-commerce has transformed the way business is done now. The ongoing digital transformation
in the country and beyond: propelled by increasing internet and smartphone penetration has triggered its consumption.
So much so that the Indian e-commerce market is expected to grow to US$ 200 billion by 2026 from US$ 38.5 billion as of 2017.
All this makes your online presence important today. In such a scenario where more and more buyers prefer making most of their
purchases online, an E-commerce website of your business is the need of the hour. Thus,
if you want to hit the bottom lines of your business and for your brand, you must get in on the action.
Entrust us with e-commerce development for feature-packed and high performance online storefronts.

We sell your idea, vision and needs with knowledge and right tool utilisation


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Whether you want to optimize your current website or you need to build a new one from scratch, we help you move in the right direction.

Our approach and solutions are easily indexable and crawlable for search engines that bring in business for you.

Understanding your need

Customization is intrinsic to our work. Each element of our designs will offer exclusive functionality of your online store. It will help in streamlining your business and create an enviable online retail presence for your brand. Whether it’s adding your products, uploading pictures, content addition, setting up stock levels and more, we do all that is required to build your website’s inventory.

Igniting designs

Jo dikhta hai, vahi bikta hai! Contrasting hues or subtle tones, we sit and understand the individualistic demands of your industry and customers. In the process, we explore every design elements for your products, services and brand vision to roll out a visually appealing website that resonates with your users.

UI/UX experience

Your user interfaces vary for different devices – smartphones, laptops and tablets. We understand intricacies of each and hence provide device and browser compatibility without compromising on the aesthetics. For a mobile application, we design websites that are adaptable across browsers, device sizes and resolutions without dire user experience glitches.

Right CMS tools

To make optimum use of the robust growth of E-commerce setor, online stores need to bukle up in the extreme marketplace. Using a right CMS (Content Management System) can lay a firm foundation for your online store and presene and helps you in achieving business goals.

Promised deliverables:

  • Feature-packed and high-performance online storefronts.
  • Solutions that are easily adaptable with right tools used by search engines.
  • Customized solutions that create an enviable online retail presence for your brand.
  • An eye-candy website that resonates with your ideas, visions and needs.
  • Deep background research, strong industry analysis by tapping down competitors to design your unique digital presence.
  • Different devices and browser compatibility without compromising on the aesthetics.
  • Use of right CMS and SEO tools to help you achieve business goals.
Why DigiStreet Media for your E-commerce website?

Have you ever walked into a shop or a store that is disorganized and has a very uninviting atmosphere? On the contrary, have you ever walked into a one that is sleek, spacious, clean and has a very comforting feeling? Experience must be different. Now, think of any physical store as an E-commerce site. Design matters.

We are one point solution for your needs!

We give your website an innovation, speed, attractiveness and right content to capture users’ attention in this cluttered landscape with responsive designs. You work on the product and we will manage your whole system. Like photoshoot, product listings on the marketplace, your website, inventory management (web), web management, and digital marketing all can be taken care of by us. And being your true partners, we will suggest what platform you should take: for instance, if Shopify will be the best fit or Magento or a custom PHP web. Our experienced team touch base all for you. A good user interface with appealing design elements and seamless scrolls is what our designers will create for your customers when they come shopping at your site, to keep them engaged from the word go.

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Such thing are good enough


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Which E-commerce platform do you use?

Our experienced developers have extensive experience with E-commerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, WooCoomerce and Custom PHP.

Do you offer website design templates or customized website design as per need?

Customization is important to us. Each element of our designs will offer exclusive functionality of your online store. We design new websites looking beyond just designs to brand’s vision and goals for users engagement and happy seamless shopping experience.

Do you help in online marketing of brand or website?

Yes, we offer extensive online marketing and digital marketing solutions for E-commerce, including SEO, social media, ROI campaigns, mobile app marketing, ORM, optimization and analytics.

Will your set up have cross-browser compatibility?

Yes, our designs are adaptable across browsers, devices and resolutions without compromising on aesthetics. We extensively and regularly test for quality, glitches, and browser compatibility before website completion and handover.

What is the importance of SiteMap?

Sitemap guides and informs the search engine bots. It gives information about the structure of the website. Due to this, they crawl the information from each and every page of your site.

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