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Is it possible to communicate with masses in a direct and non-intrusive way?

We’re living in the ‘big data era’ which has created an increasing expectation for marketers to combine the contradictory roles of storyteller and scientist.
Never before have we had access to such a wide range of diverse data, which can give us insights into our customer’s behaviour,
preferences, motivations and needs. In keeping with the trend and bandwagon, we’ve seen
the development of the concept of 360 degree digital campaigns.

Have you ever come across the concept of communicating bees and postman pigeons, which were used in ancient times as a way of
communicating an idea within the masses? In the same way, the 360-degree campaign works. It is an online strategy used
to achieve a specific business goal and helps in fostering an idea, product or service by increasing engagement,
traffic and vending. The 360-degree campaign utilizes the world of Web and digital technologies to promote
a brand and its related elements that reaches customers at all possible points of contact.

Digital, mobile, television and social, we promote you on all points of consumer contact.


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A successful approach refers to all digital tactics: inbound and outbound, social, content, SMS and more.

Successfully putting together a plan is important because it enables one to maximize the chances of finding new potential customers and engaging them in a wide variety of ways.

Market research

Before you even start thinking about where you might want to place an Ad or even what it could look like, it is important to do at least some basic research. It’s important to understand your target’s demographic needs and interests, along with good industry and competitor research.

Target audience

Successful campaigns consider the main messages people are interested in and how they want to receive those messages. One needs to know who is going to buy the product and who should be targeted.


The relationship between the effectiveness of a media campaign and the cost involved needs to be carefully managed. Making campaigns successful within those compact budgets is an art. You can ace this art by analysing social media conversations, web trends and inbound traffic as they are ways to uncover revenue opportunities

Setting goals

Aims you have in mind for a particular project need to be written down ahead of time. While it’s good to be ambitious, it is also important to decide what constitutes a successful campaign for your business. Sales can be the simplest metric, if you are advertising a particular product, how many units will you need to sell or pay for that campaign? These are such things that you have to keep in mind.

Ensure consistency

A consumer expects consistency. Be it across your channels, throughout your campaigns and whenever and however they choose to deal with your business. Hence your campaign should ensure consistency across campaigns, both in your creative and your messaging.

Media buying

The website, TV station, newspaper, radio station, magazine or any other advertising venues you place your Ad with is a crucial decision. You will need to look at not only the cost of your preferred venues but also whether they reach your target demographic. Ad buys can make up a significant portion of your budget. Deciding on where you will place your Ads first, tells you how much money you’ll have leftover for actually creating your Ad.

• Selection of media: the media or number of media selected should be the one that will reach the target customers or audience.

• Media scheduling: the scheduling has to be done accurately so that the ad will be visible or be read or be audible to the targeted customers at the right time.

Lead generation

Gone are the days when it was sufficient to simply set up a storefront or website and wait for the customers to arrive. A 360-degree campaign takes you places. It lets you establish where your customers are coming from, giving you the power to go there with content that’s designed to engage them – in the right place, at the right time, via the right device and critically, with the right messaging.

Convince and convert

A 360-degree campaign gives you a clear picture of who your customers are, their motivations, the kind of content they consume and, often, their most common objections to your product or service. This gives you the advantage to refine your messaging to directly satiate these objections and appeal directly to the needs and desires of your customers through every digital campaign, across every channel.

Promised deliverables:

  • Synergies of messaging that ensure higher brand visibility and conversions.
  • Integrated marketing communication with all promotional tools blended.
  • Digital, mobile, television and social, every medium is utilised.
  • Covers the entire process: from buying, discovery, purchase to repeat customer.
  • Consistent marketing and branding that promotes your brand image, services and vision.
  • Resourceful and smart audience engagement communication.
  • Analysing social media conversations, web trends and inbound traffic for better conversions.
Why choose DigiStreet Media for 360 degree digital campaign?

There’s too much crowd in the market. Where are you promoting?

Turn on the television and chances are you’ll soon see a commercial of your product. On your social medium, you’ll see a banner Ad for that same product. You’ll see the same imagery and messaging in your social newsfeeds, an Ad on a bus stop and in the store on a large banner. Everywhere you go, we at DigiStreet with our radar take your brand along. Savvy marketers develop 360 marketing campaigns to reach consumers no matter where they are. Our insight gained from analysing data reduces the element of hit-and-hope in a conversion strategy. With big data and smart interpretation of that data, we deliver tailored messaging at the right place at the right time and on the right device.

A 360 campaign is a sign of the times.

We ensure deep market research, integrated marketing communication and acknowledge contemporary trends. Our assuring creative team is doing wonders for various digital campaigns with continual growth projections and we also guarantee brisk reflexes to your problems. We identify who your customers are, their motivations, and the kind of content they consume, paving the way for a query to customers.

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Why using 360-degree campaigns is essential?

Campaigns help your brand or business to build and strengthen the online presence by increasing reach and awareness of your business through different channels and platforms.

Which campaign will work best for me?

Type of campaign depends on your target audience, and it is the best way to find out what type of content is needed for the highest conversions.

How much time does the campaign take to communicate with the masses?

With the constant evolution of social media, this depends on variables like time and effort. By using 360-degree campaigns, you have the opportunity to reach your target audience in real-time with instant results.

Why should I hire an agency for my campaigns?

Commissioning an agency for digital campaigns ensure tons of advantages. One of them is that you can have more time to focus on the more important aspects of your business, such as finding new investors and managing the corporate world, while we handle your online presence and brings you business.

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