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Designs that bring change to your digital presence and reach

Whether you want to amplify brand awareness or voice and sell products and services,
effective website design is that bridge that connects and lead you to new conversions or a lost prospect.
A website speaks for you without you being physically present. In today’s world, the online presence of your brand and business
is an indispensable need. Whether its an organisation or a personal business, it can only boom if it is virtually present for the world to see.
Whenever we hear a brand name, we tend to validate it by searching it online before anything else.
Hence, a well-designed website that reflects your brand’s vision is crucial and of
paramount importance for your business to flourish.

Promised state of the art results with unparalleled ROI


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We are planning our time to envisage the next big design move for your brand.

The process to designing a website is more than just layout finding and coding.

Custom web designs

Weaving thoughts, we ensure there is transparency and balance between our delivery and your expectations so that your new website is perfectly customized to your needs. From understanding your goals, tracking your competitors and industry trends, we make sure that the visual design is in perfect alignment with your brand and its philosophies. To attract the right audience, with a professional PSD layout design (Photoshop design file) that talks of your professionalism and credibility.

Screen responsive

We vouch for the quality and uncompromised user experience with our website designs. Keeping in mind variation of users, their behaviours and environmental factors that reflect on their screen size, platform and orientation, our designs cover it all. We do this by giving flexible grids, layouts and image option, in line with intelligent use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) media queries. Every visitor is important, we want to hold on to everyone by catering to every need.

Search friendly

SEO is that spinal cord of the website design that can make or break your online presence. Ensuring that search engine can easily crawl and comprehend your content is of paramount importance when designing a website. We do it with a perfect balance of effective CMS website development that matches client needs with a user interface that brings the required reputation and business for them.

Top-notch UI/UX experience

We provide visitors easily accessible website, browsable interface, friendly navigation, power loading (higher loading time means higher are the chances for a visitor to abandon it) and right placements of CTAs (Call to Action) promoting visitors to act. With all these things in place, we provide a seamless experience to your audience.

Promised deliverables:

  • Design that replicates your brand and its philosophies.
  • A CMS (Content management system) and non CMS website is in store for you.
  • PSD layout designs that strengthen your professionalism and trustworthy reputation.
  • Engaging and high-quality look that attracts attention.
  • Responsive web designs with flexible grids, layouts and image options.
  • A seamless experience with an easily accessible website, browsable interface, friendly navigation, power loading and right placements of CTAs.
  • Amplified and easily crawlable brand awareness through search engines.
Why DigiStreet Media for your website designing?

First impressions are crucial, and we can get that deal sealed for you. A normal website just attracts random visitors but a great website turns those visitors into loyal customers and business partners. A good website design signals that there’s a solid company behind the screen. At DigiStreet Media, we make design a priority. We do not cut corners on design. For us, every pixel, picture, and word matters. A top-notch website helps a business to flourish. However, website designing is that serpentine task that requires real minds and professionalism to fight pitfalls that could befall businesses. Our passionate web team has made it possible for you to get the best web services in the region, so you offer the best. Our creative ideas and designs will have users coming back for more, with enhanced search engine capability. Our website design solutions are compatible enough to run across various platforms, browsers and devices with great adaptability across different screen size and resolutions.  Whether you need a customised static or dynamic website design, we can make it happen with our team of professionals. Further, our dedicated team of experts offer support round the clock to help you maintain the website.

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Why is pondering over website designs an important step in web development?

Creating a simple and professional interface for your users reap fruits in terms of conversions rates and queries in future. Your design should reflect your brand’s vision, services, products and goals clearly to attract visitors and boost conversion rates.

Do you change the design of existing websites?

Whether you are looking for a web developer to create a new website from the start or revamp your present website design to marketing your brand or business online, we do it all.

Why is CMS (Content Management System) in web design important?

It has always been about content. Content is the king. To attract search engines, a balance of SEO and CMS is required. The CMS you choose largely influence your success rate. It can update content quickly and alter designs with templates. It saves on money and time by offering an intuitive way to control your website from the single control panel, rather than stressing over the long gruesome process of raw codes or spending infinite hours to tweak a little detail on the page.

What are the big NOs when designing a website?

Website designing is critical. Try to keep a well-balanced mix of images and texts by avoiding usage of loud colours. Nothing works best than a simple subtle design and colours for a meaningful one. Also, avoid overflow of text and break the text in small sizeable blocks with supporting quality images.

What all you consider while designing the layout of the website?

We start by understanding your goal and vision. If you have any plan in mind, you have our ears. Once your requirements and our vision meet on common ground, we start implementing the design confirmed. We upload our work to private websites that only clients can access so that they keep track of the happenings. Once done, we discuss and review changes if any. The site isn’t made public by us once it has your final heads up.

Will my website design be search engine friendly?

When building a design and website, our team ensures we follow Google’s best practices and guidelines for more reachability. Our websites are search engine friendly and will include SEO tools implementation. However, for advanced SEO services such as keyword research, content optimization, and others – please sign up for our SEO services.

Why is SEO crucial part of web designing?

Often business overshadows the use of SEO (Search engine optimization) and digital marketing when having a website designed. If the marketing is not done smartly, if it is not cooked in at design phase, then you will be running the marketing race with a broken leg. Or at the very least, wasting a lot of time and money.

Building a SEO friendly website requires extensive planning and a structured approach that can voice your business, its vision, its goals and its services. We do it with a solid digital marketing plan as a true marketing tool. This provides a clear business model and value proposition.

Which CMS tools do you use?

Our experienced developers have extensive experience with WordPress, Joomla and custom CMS (PHP + Laravel Framework).

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