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Video & TVC Scripts

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Much more concise and targeted oriented than feature films, here it is all about acing the perfect message to convey time well.
The script gives an overview of events in sequence, through just as descriptions. Courtesy format, videos, and TVC is the voice
for your brand that markets your values, virtues, products, and campaign in the most approachable way for the audience.
The amount of effort one puts into scriptwriting is directly correlated to the quality of the end product.
The better the script, the better the end product.

Great video marketing starts with a great script!


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Writing a commercial has never been easier and it has never been more in demand.

Target viewer

Don’t jump to the process of writing scripts straight away. Identifying your target viewer is important as without it, your content will lack focus. Track their demographics, behaviours, interests, goals, and expectations.

Crisp writing

In less, you need to convey more. Make sure your script is crisp and this you can do by dividing your script into a series of short, bite-sized paragraphs, ultimately giving life to your script.

Structured writing

Write as you speak in order to clarify the information you’re sharing and improve viewer comprehension. The ROI of your efforts is tied directly to how much your prospects learn. For better comprehension, organizing information is important. Even the most insightful content is practically useless if it’s illogically organized. Tip: structure the script such that it starts with the most general information and gets progressively more specific and complex.

Why DigiStreet Media for Video & TVC scripts?

From targeting tropical topics and amalgamating them with the client’s expectations, audience, and communication, a script is formulated. Before getting into the nitty-gritty of the context, we target our writing in a way that gives our viewers a solid foundation to fully comprehend everything that’s to come. With us, less is more where we target the right audience with the right communication and emotion.

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