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Lead Based Campaign

Classifying prospective customers and qualifying their profitability

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Turning potential prospects to clients

Identifying potential customers is crucial and to get high-quality leads, running a well-targeted
lead-based campaign is your easy bait. It is a highly effective form of
digital marketing and a targeted approach to acquiring leads. Not just that,
it popularises your brand, as it encourage customers to visit the particular site,
again and again, making a brand more famous and separates it
from the competitors within the market.

Variety of marketing techniques in a cohesive and impactful time-bound promotion


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A bridge between unknown interested prospects to become customers

A process to converting leads and expanding brand awareness.

Know your objective

Define your objective in line with your outcome expectations. Start by defining your goal – the number of leads expected or revenue per lead. What type of campaign do you want to run? Know your audience? How will you reach them? What CTA do you want to offer them? How will you follow-up? When will you evaluate your lead generation efforts? These are some questions that can help you define your objective.

Define your target

Choose between current contacts or you can focus on an entirely different audience for the campaign. Make sure you identify their group, their interests, curiosity points that you can cater to. Provide them content that satiates their needs.

Choose media outlet

There are many media outlets for you to choose from to run your campaign, but understand what will work best to optimize your reach. Know where best you can cater to your targeted audience.

Strong communication strategy

Streamline your follow up process. Strategize how you will respond to your leads, what kinds of material will you share, who will contact them, and finally defining what your proposals will look like.

Promised deliverables:

  • Identifying which media channel works best for your campaign in reaping results with fine research.
  • Streamlined follow-up process for a campaign. We bring business and keep the process ongoing for their engagement.
Why DigiStreet Media for Lead-based campaigns?

From doing thorough background research, competitor analysis, ideating the right campaign agenda for your targeted audience, content marketing to the right selection of media to run your campaign, we do a fine analysis of every facet to run a campaign for you that brings business, reputation, followers, traffic, etc along with leads.

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What is CTA?

CTA stands for call to action feature that invites people to your landing pages and provides your target customers to get a personalized experience. This helps products to meet buyers.

How lead-based campaign enhances businesses?

Lead-based campaigns help in scooping out those people who are keen into your product and services. Hence, influencing their buying decisions and therefore transforming them into your potential customers.

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