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SEO Services in Noida

SEO – An Introduction

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. If you are here because you’re interested in SEO Services in Noida,
then chances are that you already have an idea about SEO. But still, for everyone to understand and in layman’s language,
SEO is the process of website optimization that enables your website to become visible on search engines,
generate more website traffic and in turn get you more attention, leads or sales organically.

Types of SEO

SEO can be broadly divided into three categories


Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO can be done by various activities such as by posting articles & blogs, press releases, guest posts, Quora posting and a lot of other things. These activities help in generating backlinks,
boost keyword ranking, etc. and in turn generate leads by improving the website traffic.


On-page SEO

The On-page SEO consists of various changes in the website by optimization of Website Content, Meta Tags, HTML Source Codes, Heading Tags, URL Structure, etc. Most of the optimization under on-page SEO reflects changes on the front end of the website and on the search engines, they improve the website visibility and traffic.


Technical SEO

Technical SEO deals with technical aspects of the website and in turn evaluates and improves the website on different grounds such as the coding of the website, indexing of the website, etc. This helps the website to be picked up more by search crawlers and in turn generate more audience and leads.

The Most Effective SEO Services in Noida

Any agency can claim to be the best SEO Company in Noida or in India or in the world for that matter. But  matter of the fact is, will the best SEO Company be of any use to you or your brand? Every business and brand is different from one other. So is their product, audience, modus operandi, etc. Hence each and every business requires undivided attention and customized SEO campaigns for the perfect optimization of the brand website.

At DigiStreet Media, we don’t claim to be the best SEO Company in Noida. Instead, we call ourselves the most effective SEO Company in Noida based on the numerous SEO success stories and successful campaigns that we have delivered over the years! It is never our intention to claim something falsely. Instead, we let our work do the talking and the rest you can decide for yourself.

We, however, claim to be most effective because over the years we have delivered numerous works as promised to the clients with minimum budget and maximum output.

SEO Categories:

e-Commerce SEO is the process of SEO that enables an online store to be more visible to the target audience such that when people are searching for products that are relevant to your brand or business, your website should rank at the top.

Corporate SEO is slightly different from regular SEO as in this process different levels of the business need to be optimized unlike the optimization of forward-facing content in the case of small businesses or brands.

Just like regular search results in Google, there are also  local search results in Google that show businesses and brands near you. Local SEO enables businesses with physical locations to gain visibility among nearby potential clients/customers by targeting the audience nearby.

SEO for Lead Generation works for business models that require the generation of leads. With SEO we increase the visibility of the website and in turn generate organic web traffic to turn them into leads.


What exactly is SEO Service?

A. SEO service or so to say Search Engine Optimization is the process by which a brand or business can optimize their website by increasing the website’s visibility and traffic with the help of organic search queries DigiStreet Media is a renowned digital marketing company based out of Noida which provides the most effective SEO Services to the esteemed clientele.

How do I know if I need SEO Services or not?

A. If it is a brand business or even a personal website that you have and you want people to be able to find the website in search engines and thereby increase its overall traffic, you need to opt for SEO Services.

How do I choose an SEO company?

A. Choosing the right Search Engine Optimization service provider may not be that hard. The challenge is to skim out those companies that boast of a lot and will make you a lot of promises but does not have the track record to prove the same. At DigiStreet Media, you can take a look at our SEO case studies and success stories and accordingly decide on opting for  services from us or not.

How important is SEO for websites and online businesses?

A. In today’s cut-throat market where staying ahead at all times is a necessity, it is very essential for a brand to have an online presence and a good SEO strategy. If it is a website or online business, SEO is more than essential because this is one of the most effective ways is getting online traffic that can be converted into leads.

Are any other services also required along with SEO?

A. SEO is one of the branches of the whole Digital Marketing domain which essentially helps in marketing a product or business in the online domain. Apart from SEO, there are Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Online Reputation Management, etc. to name a few which help in better visibility and improved lead generation of a brand/business. At DigiStreet Media, we provide end-to-end solutions for Digital Marketing including SEO optimization for a wide range of clientele from different industry segments.

How much does SEO Services Package cost?

A. Like any other marketing strategy, the price structure for an SEO package also varies from business to business. Only after evaluating your website and online presence, we will be able to present you with a customized package that will ensure a credible online presence for your brand/business. For a lump sum idea, the SEO packages start from as low as 19,999/- monthly.

How will I know my website’s SEO is improving?

A. The easiest way to find out if the website’s SEO is improving or not is by searching the brand/business on a search engine and noticing if the search engine ranking of the website is improving or not. As a reputed and experienced digital marketing agency based out of Noida, at DigiStreet Media, we provide monthly reports that will show you exactly how and where the performance and visibility of the website have increased and what needs to be done going ahead.

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