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E-Commerce isn’t the cherry on the cake, it’s the new cake that you have to enhance visually and technically. Today when the whole world is shifting
its physical stores to online stores, there is a strong demand to optimize the E-commerce world as it is the biggest ROI platform
that a company or a brand enjoys. E-commerce SEO provides websites with a cakewalk with
its enhanced categorization and optimization.

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Formulating and targeting keywords with optimization in a way that attracts the highest buying intent for your products.

Keyword research

Filtering products or subscriptions based on what the user or visitor is searching for is the crucial step in the process of E-commerce SEO. This categorization helps to make products meet visitors or buyers by enhancing the visibility of your products and services with more user-oriented optimization.

Site architecture

Make your website more scalable and organized with category pages and product pages. With a highly relevant page URLs and directories, it helps businesses to make E-Commerce a breather.

On-page SEO

This contains enhanced page optimization through strategic keywords, content marketing, and metadata. Summing up, it helps in organizing the data based on search. Prioritize pages! Identify which pages on your site get the most traffic? Start with them.

Site friendliness

This type of optimization helps search engines to crawl user to your website. It includes site speed, User Experience, device-friendliness, and working links.

Link building

Increase your rankings and visibility by interlinking your products with other online stores and pages. This flows from higher authority to lower authority enables you to get enhanced insights.

Measuring insights

An E-Commerce entity needs to measure its insights. Analytics tells us about where our strategies are going and what the loopholes are. With critical thinking and analysis, insights get improved with more businesses coming in.

Promised deliverables:

  • Optimising your online storefront, ensuring you are sale-ready, and increasing store conversions.
  • Optimized product listing, thus improving search visibility, click-through rate (CTR), and conversion rate (CR)
  • We do not let customer’s trust in businesses erode with sustainable and systematic customer acquisition strategies.
  • Higher RoAS (Return on Ad Spend) and lower CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost).
Why choose DigiStreet Media for E-Commerce SEO?

Whatever gets measured gets improved, and this is what we believe in. We are getting acknowledged within the list of top digital agencies providing enhanced E-Commerce solutions to various brands and companies. SEO is an evolution for us and our credible team ensures that you constantly achieve higher projections and insights. We create sustainable and systematic customer acquisition strategies that keep you top-notch with industry trends.

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Why SEO is important for my E-Commerce?

As far as digital competition is concerned the race is only for the respective search engine’s first page and how to achieve that is where SEO comes in. SEO evolves your website not only with the visibility but also with your e-commerce layout making your e-commerce website to be more presentable and palatable. Today the fight is only for the prioritized results with greater visibility.

How optimized pages help E-Commerce?

Roaming on to an unwanted and directionless road is not a great idea and this is the same for E-Commerce too. Just like the navigating boards on the road, optimized pages navigate visitors more appropriately with a hassle-free experience. Making your products, subscriptions, or services more accessible and visible.

How do we develop an E-commerce SEO strategy?

The process is long, but our strategy is streamlined. Prioritizing pages; creating workflow; knowing your competition; incorporating CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) with correct SEO, and more. Join us to know the process!

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