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Sway with the needs of digitalisation

The digital wave has swayed us all. With ever-growing internet use, tech-savvy nature of being, revolutionised use of smartphones
and available latest technology across diverse channels, all has led to a positive growth in online service usages.
With this, bygone are the days of traditional advertising which are replaced by the emergence of digital technologies.
In this wide scope, the best form of attracting business doesn’t mean great fortune, but just a correct AD management services
to attract customers, audience and build a brand name. Whether its providing wide reach across channels,
having cost-effective measures to tap new customers, doing minute targeting with a result-driven approach,
AD Management is the reality and strong pillar of digital marketing.

Planning done by strong industry & customer knowledge


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Ads with control are ads with perfection

The process for ad management has few steps but definitely comes with huge benefits!

Setting up a digital campaign

We start from scratch. We understand your brand, desired goals and targeted audience. We evaluate your landscape of existing digital channels and assets, followed by audit. With all ticks in place, we set up a digital campaign with well-defined goals.

Optimising campaign

From tracking user journey once they click on your ADs, having a clear call to action to crisp content communications with videos and statics and many more, our optimisation plan is well defined and elaborative for ROI driven campaigns.

Reporting and analysis

With the help of right analytic tools like Google Analytics in place, we trace and report accurate revenue figures time to time against respective campaign and channels.

Services Offered:

Search Advertising

Place your online advertisements strategically on web pages to crawl results from search engine queries.

Social Advertising

Magnify brand awareness, increase sales and converts customers into brand advocates with right advertising at the right platform.

Media Buying (Large Scale)

Buy ads online to get desired traffic to your sites to secure conversions. Might sound easy, but is not.

Video Marketing

Videos are the new bandwagon to drive sales. Without the right marketing or SEO, the best video content in the world just sits there.

Lead Based Campaign

Classifying prospective customers and qualifying their probability of being a prospect, the path is nuanced and serpentine.

Display Marketing

Push the right triggers to attract an audience to your website, social media or any platform to take a specific action with click-through encouragements.

Product Listing Ads

Highlight your products and business name with the right ads that display them on the top of relevant Google and its partnered website’s search results.


Strategise to show targeted ads to users who have already visited you. Past visitors will see them while browsing the web, watching YouTube videos or reading news sites.

Why DigiStreet Media for your Ad management?

We are not the one who gets into nuts and bolts of the campaign straight away without a well-drafted plan of action beforehand. Ours is a well-planned approach to avoid unwanted jerks. As Content first marketing agency, we are driven by results that impact a business’s bottom line. Our approach towards each client is different. Our understanding of our client needs, goals for brands goes beyond the number game but happens at a psychological level. Once we have our understanding in place, we funnel out mediums that work best for client’s need and then leverage its advance targeting capabilities to reach customers and prospects for lead conversions and effective sale of services and products through our ROI driven campaigns. Our rich content-driven campaigns in the form of videos and visuals aim to get maximum likes and then navigate the audience to your websites and channels for better engagement and high conversion rate. Digital campaign is a complex undertaking that requires dedication. It’s more than simply putting adverts of business around social media and other websites. We have carved a niche for ourselves in the professional website development and digital marketing services.

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Why optimising Ad campaign is crucial?

Strong control over optimisation is crucial to attract the right audience and sales through channels. We know the right triggers to convert our strategy into a powerful marketing machine.

What’s involved in setting up an ROI campaign?

It’s more than just clicking a few buttons. Key parameters to consider before planning one are:

  • Understand advertising objective.
  • Understand products, services and their profitability.
  • Decide which campaign type and which platform will work best for you.
  • Do thorough keyword research.
  • Plan out a structure to drive down costs.

…. and a lot more. Let us be your guiding star.

What deliverables will I get from Digital Marketing?

Like mentioned above, there are different segments of Digital Marketing. You can opt for SMO, SEO, Campaigns or e-Commerce Solutions. We have separated and combine packages as per your requirement.

How do campaigns get your business?

Right campaign advertising can enhance your brand visibility within your industry. It brings you under the radar of competitors, and you might end up attracting them for further partnerships. It also brings in more traffic to your websites, thus getting more sales and leads.

How to choose the right campaign medium?

Whether you want to live the campaign on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter, it requires deep understanding. Understanding of the brand’s targeted audience and their channel reach. If you are eyeing at professionals (this also depends on the type of brand), LinkedIn seems like the best spot, if you are eyeing for the young lot, Instagram and Facebook is suitable. The process of selection is nuanced.

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