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Product Listing Ads

Unable to influence masses? Give them the details.

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Product listing ads: A data-driven approach

Details have the power to conquer the world, and if you are catering to the masses, then you must influence them with
product listing Ads, containing various details and information. Product listing Ads contain more detailed information
about the product than standard text-based Ads. These Ads often appear on various platforms like search pages,
shopping pages, image searches, etc. They usually work on PPC (Pay per click),
which means payment will be according to the number of clicks.

Product listing ads stand out on the page due to the ad size and images.


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Increased Visibility leading to more clicks and sales.

Product listing ad: A campaign for your online marketing strategy

High click rates

An individual’s website gets more traffic with product listing ads due to the increased visibility of your product, leading to more clicks. Hence, increasing traffic and promoting sales.

Higher Conversion rates

With increased traffic, your product gets higher visibility and product listing Ad, therefore, influences your visitor’s decision, hence converting him or her into your potential customer, leading to higher conversion rates.

Wider reach

Product listing Ads lead to enhance product visibility, and your product gets highlighted on various pages and searches, leading to more visibility hence increasing your reach and conversions.

Enhanced Visibility

With product listing Ads, multiple products can be shown to a wide variety of audiences leading to enhanced product visibility. This enhanced visibility helps in increasing sales and conversions.

Promised deliverables:

  • Increased visibility ensures higher click rates and revenues.
  • Elevated traffic leading to higher conversion rates
  • Wider reach increasing your visibility and sales
  • Enhanced targeting leading to increased traffic
Why DigiStreet Media for Product Listing Ads?

We know how much advertisements are important for your business, and with optimized product listing Ads our clients and partners are enjoying increased traffic promoting more pay per click, leading to hiked traffic and sales. Product listing ads provide businesses the power to sell their product or service directly to the customer.

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What is PPC?

PPC stands for pay per click. It is an advertising model in which advertisers pay based on the number of clicks a user makes.

How product listing ads are different from typical online ads?

Product listing ads are full of product details and images and are uploaded on search engine results but the motive is the same as others to promote sales.

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