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Business Analytics

“Data is the fuel, and analytics is the combustion engine“.

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Without Business Analytics, organizations are considered to be blind and deaf, roaming out onto the world of the web like an animal on a highway.
Whenever we take any decision, we think about what happened last time or what will be the consequences for the same.
This is nothing but analyzing our past or future and making decisions out of it. This is the same thing
what an analyst does for business purpose. Business analytics solves the purpose of extracting
useful information from data and taking the decision based upon the analysis.

Converting business data into accurate business insights


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Statistics is one of the most accurate sciences in the world, and business analytics is a modern, technological form of statistics

Collecting business data from various sources, processing them and using various methodologies to extract the desired insightful data

Data Heap

Aggregation of data is the foundation step in the process of analysis. Data can be collected through respective authorities or third parties. Then, the data heap passes through a gatekeeping process to ensure accuracy and credibility.

Data Quarrying

Existing data is just like a mine for which an individual has to perform the extraction to generate new and usable information, and this is done by examining huge pre-existing piles of data helping in discovering the patterns with an overall goal of transforming that into a comprehensible structure and then gets classified based on demographics.


After determining the contemporary market trends and spending hours evaluating competitor’s performance, predictive models, and a sequence of tactics is created.


This is the stage of identifying optimum scenarios for the execution of plans and strategies. Hence, tactics got implemented and executed.


It is the process of portraying insights into a graphical representation, allow organizations to get informed and drive new goals for the business.

Promised deliverables:

  • Funneling data to one single, central location from where sorting can begin. Inaccurate, duplicate, and incomplete data is removed and only usable data is left behind. We collect data from various sources for evaluation.
  • Mine through a huge amount of data with mining models. One of those models is classification demographics and other such parameters are used for sorting data.
  • We identify consumer behavior for you through analytics. It has been observed that consumers resort to a certain behavior-specific season or a period.
  • With data, we create predictive analytics, which helps companies understand what may happen in the near future and help them prepare for it.
  • With great use of analytics, we optimize operations. They can competitively price their products when there is supposed to be a peak or shortage. Businesses can also create sales, offers, and discounts based on business analytics.
Why DigiStreet Media for Business Analytics?

The business world is waking up to the importance of business analytics and we here at DigiStreet Media do not believe in making our clients work based on quantitative research and its findings, instead, we focus on qualitative research with enhanced solutions and directions that can be leveraged by companies to optimize their business processes. Every transaction that one does, or even a comment that one puts up on social media has the potential to generate big data, and this data can be leveraged by companies to serve customers better. With our business analytics knowledge and tools, we find many such leads, growth, and business opportunities for you.

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How analytics is affecting my business?

Analytics helps in extracting out the visionary ideas and informed decisions from a huge pile of unclassified and random databases helps in identifying the shortcomings and mining out the solutions for the same.

What type of data is required for analysis?

Corporate and customer-related data in a structured manner is required for the analysis. Demographics like age, income, sex, play a very decisive role in this process.

How predictive modeling is beneficial?

Predictive modeling is a data-mining technology that tells us the outcomes by analyzing past and current data. it provides us a comprehensive picture regarding future events and business understanding.

What is the future of business analytics?

According to Harvard Business Review, Business analytics is the hottest job of the 21st century. Today almost 6 billion devices are connected and are generating millions of GB’s of data every day, and to study this treasure chest of data, demand for data analysts is increasing day by day. Hence, ensuring a bright future.

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