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Online Reputation Management


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Digital presence is fragile, make sure you handle it with care

Once you are exposed to the volatile world of the World Wide Web, it’s difficult to control what people say about you.
People wrongly underestimate the importance of Online Reputation Management. In today’s modern time,
where everything is on your face and in constant flux, maintaining your name is crucial to remain relevant.
As user-generated content for products and brands has become extremely influential today,
with surging consumer complaint forum online which further affect search engine results.
All this, if not dealt well, can sway your potential business away to your competitors.
Hence, ORM is your saving grace.

Best promotion to maintaining reputation, its a constant process


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Your brand reputation is our concern

Keeping no stones unturned to make your brand reputation the best in the market.


Do an audit of whatever the brand, business or an entity has and start promoting positive content.


Give a new revamped image to the brand by creating new content and social media presence and constantly striving to promote it and getting it better day by day.

Remain active

It’s all about how relevant, inquisitive and adaptable to trends you are. Hence, active involvement in the social web in the form of blogs, forums, social networking is a must.

Attend negative reviews

Do not shun negativity, rather attend it with poise and calmness.

Services Offered:

Brand Reputation Management

Shaping your online presence that reaches the masses, evoking the feeling of trust, credibility in the masses.

Corporate Reputation Management

Shaping perception that enhances company revenue, market value, attracts and retaining top talent.

Crisis Management

Identification of threats and responsive methods to deal with these threats at the right time.

Why DigiStreet Media for your Online Reputation Management?

Online is bipolar. For when you think you are taking all the right turns and steps at your end, there will always be that one disgruntled customer who feels entitled to venting in a public space, which breaks the bubble. Hence, you need ORMs and us. Before the negativity falls into the womb of online media, curb it. We are that shield for you. We timely clarify misunderstandings that people might have for you that might fan the worse situation. Managing your reputation online requires dedicated work in terms of monitoring, reading and responding in an appropriate and timely manner to both positive and negative responses of your audience. We can help as we know how to roll the ball in the court, aiming right. We like to promote whatever you have with a twist of our creative minds and create a brand image for you. Once done, we strive every day with close monitoring from our leaders to maintain the name for you we have achieved. We don’t do mediocre, hence we have a reputation of service providers that grows every day and remain relevant to the time.

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Why is ORM crucial to digital marketing?

It foretells the reputation of the brand, business, services, products, reach and customers on a digital platform that serves as a credible and testimonial base for your brand to flourish and attract more business. It’s an essential part of digital marketing because the process doesn’t stop at marketing content on various platforms but also maintaining the standard, analysing it time to time and optimising it whenever required. Having a good reputation online is crucial for growth.

What is the timeframe for ORM?

It’s an ongoing process that demands commitment and dire involvement in the process to track the ground reality. Whether you want to do it regularly or in intervals, but a thoughtful plan highlighting what and how to present content will be boosted, how future will unfold will help you sty commitment and more focused.

Does ORM mean eliminating negative comments and trolls, completely?

No. For a brand, a negative and bad review helps in gathering the voice of potential customers. We address our customers directly to understand their issues and needs and in return give them a clearer picture of our brand. Also, genuine reviews cannot be deleted on many platforms. With this, we create a deeper bond with our customers.

Will ORM help my business to grow?

Yes, the reason being it will build your business in your sector. It requires hard work and constant commitment to managing your online reputation. With good reputation comes more sales, more customers, more conversions and more engagement.

How to fix a tampered reputation?

If you are under the shroud of negative reputation, you need extra add-ons to repair it. We can do the needful for you as we enforce the repairing of a reputation for our brands. We clarify misunderstandings that the customers perceive about your brand by responding to them. You can change the reputation and disposition of your brand at any time with a fine help.

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