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Video is no longer just one piece of overall marketing plan

Marketing is no longer about what you make, but the stories you tell. Today, most people don’t want to read
a white paper or a typical digital article. With an increasing trend of audio-visuals, today,
a video is an effective form of communication that needs to be integrated into your existing marketing strategies.
Visual content can easily influence the search and social results with a great opportunity to marry the power of ideas.
Today marketing tycoons love videos as it gives the target audience the most information in the shortest period
helping the viewer to get exposed to the information brand is trying to communicate.

Video, a versatile form of communication for your existing marketing plan


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Video has dominated social media. It has revolutionized from a singular marketing tactic to an entire business strategy.

Promote and market your product or service, increase engagement on your digital and social channels, educate your consumers and customers, and reach your audience with a new medium.

Boosted conversion rates

Landing pages that consist of a video enjoys 80% of conversion rates as it influences the buying behavior of a visitor. Video with compelling content persuades the viewer and help brands to convert them into a lead. Built-in tutorials or testimonials are what people are looking for.

Better SEO

Search engines love engaging content in the form of videos and animations. A well-marketed video can help you in gaining longer page views. With the biggest platforms like Youtube, a company or a brand can increase its visibility and, can experience more insights.

Trust & credibility

Want to make a good personality? Video is the perfect way to do so as it enables the companies to strengthen the emotional bond with visitors and hence, earning their trust. This trust influence the visitor’s decision making and further translate it into sales.

Social share

Have you come across a word viral? Yes, that is possible with the videos only. Today video is the only medium that goes viral very easily. Great and engaging content helps companies to get more social shares and hence increasing the reputation and sales.

Brand awareness

The problem with many brands is that no one knows that they even exist. Video marketing is the only way to get into the people’s minds first with the help of emotional assets and further promoting it to the sales.

Promised deliverables:

  • A holistic business approach, meaningful video content should be produced by all teams in a conversational, actionable, and measurable way.
  • As we craft your story through video, we keep in mind your targeted audience. From creative ideation to actual video distribution, we have a timeline to stick to.
  • Videos are easy to digest. They are entertaining and engaging. Further, they give a potentially huge return on investment (ROI) through many channels.
Why DigiStreet Media for your Video Marketing?

The last handful of years saw a surge in the popularity of video as a content marketing format. Now, brands no longer just use written content and images as that’s uninteresting and unengaging for consumers who are inundated with live streaming, interactive 360 videos, augmented reality, and more. Hence, a video hasn’t only transformed how businesses market and consumers shop; it’s also revolutionized how salespeople connect with and convert prospects.

Our creative team believes in out of box thinking, and that’s what is helping our partners to get better sales and insights. We understand how much brand reputation and awareness matters, and our highly appreciated assets are an example of it. We persuade critical thinking processes helping us in getting results close to perfection.

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Why Video Marketing is essential?

Trust and credibility are what brands crave for as it is the only thing that will help brands get better business or sales. Video marketing is the most appropriate way to reach out to customers to develop an emotional connection. This in turn help viewers to link somewhere with your brand and further translating it into sales.

Why Search Engines Love Videos?

This is the era of infographics, not information, and Youtube being the biggest search engine behind Google is more specific to videos and animations and why because Audio Visual consist all form of multimedia and hence making it more engaging than any other type of media. Want to convey something, video is a perfect way to do so.

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