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Web Application Development


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Voice up your brand and services with enhanced user experience

The best and fruitful way of living is living by time and trends. The landscape of web application development
might look capricious and often seen as a dark art by many ‘non-coders’. But, once you put light on it, you will know that
it’s a great tool to develop business and achieve goals much faster by targeting numerous clients and customers at a time.

What makes it an essential component of business in today’s competitive world?
Publicity and branding: Its the best tool track business growth in respective market share and create
a proper communication channel between potential customers and the business organization.
It helps navigate organisations to new customers and let them know about the brand and services.
Customer support: Good applications enhance customer support by becoming the first line of contact
between potential customers and business.

Right branding and enhanced reachability


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Standalone applications expose brands to myriads of problems that can be solved if they move the application to the web development platform.

Advanced branding with proper communication across channels between potential customers and other business prospects.

Custom development

We build custom applications with a mark of excellence, i.e. in complete sync with your business. If the needs aren’t well understood, it will lead to a failure in building a web app that aims to serve the purposes.

Adopt latest technologies

You can choose from wide development for web applications options using Microsoft .NET & SQL, Java and PHP technologies. With the use of right scripting in web development, one an employ scripts on a web server which produce a response customized for each user’s (client’s) request to the website.

Promised deliverables:

  • From Single Page Applications (SPAs) to Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), from simple websites to complex customized web application development solutions, we provide bespoke web applications.
  • A transparent and structured framework for maximizing ROI.
  • Cross-platform applications for seamless operation across operating systems and devices to increase the reach and engagement of your brand.
  • Eyeing customer loyalty and enhanced internal efficiency for your business, our web-based enterprise portals enables ease of sharing and group communication with real-time information exchange.
  • Modern and sophisticated interface for revamped website guidance in maintaining and optimizing your applications to ensure the highest level of availability and productivity.
Why DigiStreet Media for your Web Application Development?

What is a productive website? Of course, a website that gives out output with solid return values. And, how to make one? Two words – Web Applications. Mapping its process is a key to success for a project of any size. With our expertise in the same, we can make it happen for you. We handle storage and retrieve the information by using server-side scripts such as PHP, ASP.Net, and Ruby; client-side scripting languages like JavaScript, HTML and CSS followed by a creative use of photoshop, WordPress and SEO with responsive design skills. Our in-house QA team never stop testing. They may drive the developers crazy, but the result is faster and more accurate.

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How much does a Web Application Development cost?

With annual market research, we do our best to make our prices as competitive as possible. The cost depends on your needs and the number of specialists involved in a given project.

Do you offer website promotion or SEO?

Yes, we do. First, we compile a media-plan and then provide a complete range of website promotion services from market research to search engine optimisation.

How do you develop a web application?

We handle storage and retrieve the information by using server-side scripts such as PHP and ASP.Net.

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