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Search Engine Marketing


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It all starts with a single search

If a brand does not have any online visibility, it is as good as dead and
nobody cares for a dead brand. And this is as blunt as it gets.
At DigiStreet Media, we understand the gravity of a good web presence of a brand website and
we have all the tools at our disposal to ensure that you brand comes out at the top when a search is made in its category.

Marketing lead by relevance & optimisation


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A good SEM means a great visibility

For a good Search Engine Marketing, a step-by-step enhancement takes place for the overall optimization.

Keyword Ranking

We conduct a proper research with a number of steps to ensure that that we find the most relevant and popular keyword for the brand and put in a lot of effort to ensure that the keywords of the website are properly ranked.

Website Visibility

Pertaining to various parameters as in how many backlinks are there, the quality of the content, number of pages, etc. we work pro-actively to improve the website visibility and in turn generate more traffic to the website


First we measure the success of the website using various back-end tools such as analytic tools, html validators, etc. Then we figure out potential problems and usability issues and fix them to ensure a perfect user experience.


With the best of content and technology incorporated along with our technological know-how, we optimize the site from each possible angle so that the bounce rate reduces and the site popularity goes up by leaps and bounds.

Services Offered:

Corporate SEO

Grow your visibility and reach by updating your SEO strategies to remain on top and achieve tangible results.

Ecommerce SEO

Get top ranking for the most sought after keywords and drive transformational growth for your E-commerce company.

Google Local Listings

Improve your business listing and traceability by enhancing the visibility of your brand in your nears and dears.

Lead Generation with SEO

Invest in the process of cultivating an interest in your business to attract leads with refined web traffic, with the right SEO use.

Local SEO

Make your place in the industry keywords to remain relevant and credible. Get the visibility in all the places your customers are.

Multilingual SEO

Reach to locals in their languages to get more organic traffics with the market and country-specific search engines.

Business SEO

Get a grip of your audience pulse, understand what they search and dominate search results with strategies.

Why DigiStreet Media for your Brand Search Engine Marketing?

It’s the results that speak. One can easily get an idea from not just the work we do for our client brands, but also how we work for our own visibility. What works for us will work for you as well. With dedicated professionals who have years of experience to their credit and technological know-how to get you the exact online visibility you need, you can stay rest assured that we will get you the perfect Search Engine Marketing that your brand deserves.

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What all comes under Search Engine Marketing?

All the following things can come under Search Engine Marketing: Local SEO, Corporate SEO, Ecommerce SEO, Multilingual SEO Services, Google Local Listings, Business SEO, Lead Generation with SEO, etc.

How long does it take to complete the whole process?

Search Engine Marketing is an ongoing process. You can optimise your SEM once that will take couple of days and stop the process, but within a period of time your website ranking and visibility will also drop owing to the ongoing SEM of your competition brands.

What deliverables can I exactly expect from Search Engine Marketing?

With a proper Search Engine Marketing you will see actual changes in the visibility of your brand website. From proper ranking, site popularity to decreased bounce rate, either through various analytical tools or by actual visits.

Is Search Engine Marketing really essential?

If you want the answer to this question, first you need to ask yourself, do you think that your brand needs a website, if yes, will it not be necessary for the website to be well-known? Wouldn’t you want more people to visit your website? Wil you not want to be able to do a lot of business thanks to your website? If your answer is ‘Yes’, then of course, the Search Engine Marketing is really essential.

What is your process for finalizing the Search Engine Marketing process?

To start with analyse the popularity of the website on the basis of its content, number of pages, back-links, potential problems, usability issues, etc. Then we fix, improve and add all the things necessary to enable a perfect Search Engine Marketing for your website.

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