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Media Buying (Large Scale)

Buying influential media placements

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Achieve highest reach in lowest value

Your communication, branding, and ideation hold no importance if you don’t have good media populating
it to reach the highest reach at the lowest possible price. Media buying comes with the same promise!
It negotiates the price of media on behalf of the client. From purchase, performance monitoring,
and optimization of the campaign, media buying makes the right deals
with the correct execution of strategy, in line with media planning.

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Overseer to your media plan, based on conclusions and strategies determined.

Connecting with counterparts on appropriate channels with relevant advertisers, negotiating placement, time, and cost.

Manual bids

Bidding on Ad space and managing bids through various platforms.

Direct bids

Media buyer negotiates Ad rates and run times with a specific advertiser to place Ads on their sites.

Programmatic bids

Artificial Intelligence and algorithm enabled real-time bidding, by placing Ads on their respective channels that match consumer profiles.

Promised deliverables:

  • Increase conversions and demonstrate high ROI in less investment with impactful relationships with media owners.
  • Our wide network of relationships can leverage maximize the value of your investment.
Why DigiStreet Media for Media Buying?

A business needs to understand the importance of the media buying process, and we here at DigiStreet aims that for a media platform that provides maximum reach for your business with minimum price. Our credible processes, from planning to execution ensure that your business should meet the right media platform. Based on findings, type of campaigns, and target audience, the media type is decided to cater masses, hence, promoting sales and revenues.

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What is the difference between Media Buying and Media Planning?

The process of media planning is focused on establishing an audience, conducting market research, establishing a budget, and building out goals. Media planners work with their clients to understand who the target audience is for their offering, which channels that audience uses and at what times, and what type of messaging that audience is most likely to engage with. With this information the planning team will select which channel they want to purchase ad space on, and for what price. With the media plan established, media buyers connect with their counterparts across the agreed upon media sites.

Why Media Buying?

Effective media buying goes far beyond the actual transaction of money for Ad space.
• Best deals
• Best slots
• Campaigns with best practices

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