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It has always been about content

Content is the gateway into a brand’s soul, and content marketing is that vein that keeps it alive.
Content marketing is never easy nor simple, yet we make it look like both because we are passionate about content.
Let’s hail the new digital era’s need: Content Marketing. It is the new buzz to reach and engage with the targeted audience.
A compelling copy placed at the right platform has the power to influence and attract minds of audience scrolling online, impatiently.
This nudge is often covert, but it can overtly show the difference between one brand making sales and another being left in the lust.
It is all about how relevant you are in the present time. Content marketing works
as a great canvas for your brand and business to flourish.

Crisp, engaging, intriguing and informative.


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Each word matters, every sentence counts

Step-by-step and with consistent hard work, content paves the way for the brand’s success

Thorough research

Advertising products and services never suffice. All go for a toss if you don’t know the psychology of your audience, as to what allure them. It’s not a guesswork, we do the required thorough research for you. It is always best to identify what satiates audience, see your competitors’ graph and understand present trends to start with.

More attention to benefits

Innumerable options are available online to choose from, what makes you different in your industry? The goal is crystal clear, to increase conversions. It is to look into the eye of your audience and write copy that compels them to buy your products. Once the need is identified, a tailored content plan aiming sales is designed.

Value converted profits

The ultimate tip to acing the game is by making sure that the content you create must inform, educate and invite the target audience. Key to this is understanding that content is not ‘content marketing’ unless the targeted audience finds it intriguing and valuable. It does not just increase traffic to your sites but serves as a catalyst to develop a trustworthy relationship with your audience.

Editorial glance

Nothing goes out without a thorough study and proofreading of facts and semantic touch-ups. Whether it involves a rigorous editorial exercise, correcting grammatical spoofs and badly compiled SEO content, our content-driven facilities with an experienced team in their field sees content as a weapon of change.

Social distribution plan

Whether it’s through blogs, website, social post, marketing collaterals, audios or videos, content is useless if not dealt right. It’s not a wholesome thing that works on its own. Social distributions plans define a serpentine process through which your content will be marketed so that it reaches the right audience.

Services Offered:

Business Write-Up

Documenting your strategies, plans, and new business announcement in a crisp language.

Product Listing Write-Up

Selling your product with intriguing content that drives conversion and gets your attention.

Blogs & Article Write Up

Bring traffic to your website with interesting content that caters to the needs of visitors.

Website Content Write-Up

Well-written optimized content that reaches the top of search results and holds readers’ attention.

Marketing Collaterals Write-Up

Communicating key benefits of your business and products right in a visually compelling manner.

Video & TVC Scripts

Engaging visual content in a language that connects more with masses and remains with them.

SEO Copywriting

Writing content that’s optimized for search engines and appeals to end-users as well.

Why DigiStreet Media for your Content Marketing?

At DigiStreet, we swear by our content capabilities which is a mixture of language, expression and depth. With a passionate experienced team of writers, editors and visionaries, we adapt to every brand’s needs and device a unique plan of action. We call ourselves foreseers. We give your audience an appeal of being able to resolve their doubts by giving them convincing solutions that finally leave them asking for more. Our effectiveness with content goes down to the level that our copywriting and other content related services are often able to speak to buyer’s psychology at a subconscious level. Potential buyer’s primary concern is how your company will help them solve a problem. We communicate that and hence we make you a mile ahead of your competitors. Among all this, what makes us different is the fact that instead of pitching for products, we address your audience’s needs and get you more business.

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What are the services of Content Marketing?

Services vary with the kind of audience we are aiming. Broadly, it involves blog and article writing, business write-ups, products listing write-ups, website content, marketing collaterals write-up, video and TVC scripts and SEO copywriting.

Why move from a traditional approach to online content marketing approach?

The advent and grip of digital mediums have caused redundancy of traditional forms of marketing which involved direct sales, mails, referrals, print advertising and so on. It’s all about how well you market your brand online now. Hence, with digital medium being the reality, it calls for digital content marketing.

Why is content marketing relevant and important now?

Content marketing is the asset of a digital marketing strategy. From educating the audience on your services and products to further showing its reachability, credibility and uniqueness, it increases conversions, enhances brand awareness, boosts revenue and more. All this comes with a valuable, relevant and consistent content that is marketed well. To conclude, content marketing is crucial to remain competitive online, and it plays an integral role in consumers’ purchasing process.

How does content help meet marketing goals?

Whether it’s with the advent of e-commerce and up until today, having a business online means identifying and keeping your audience engrossed through your content bank. What audience knows about your brand is communicated through the medium of content. Content empowers audience and increase loyalty and reduce your extra effort and expense on media and marketing.

What budget and infrastructure are needed to build it?

A well-defined strategy is of no use until you have an efficient team and skills working on it with right tools and technologies that make it a valuable and relevant form of communication, followed by right editorial processes to give it final touch-ups that hit the right chords of audiences on the right identified mediums.

Why do we need a content marketing strategy?

Innumerable mediums that opened with digitalisation calls for different approach and handling, hence strategising is crucial. It’s no longer about WHY, but HOW. Hence, the effective utilisation of the content lies on a strong strategy plan covering all facets of desired goals, time management, resources invested and its implementation.

What are the expectations for success?

A detailed business plan covers all results that the content will help to accomplish and will talk about the time frame needed to meet the goal. Having a blueprint ready for the same helps in identifying the reasons for fallout and define the success rate better with a smooth process.

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