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The Digitalization of Businesses – a world after COVID-19

kavish Arora - May 28, 2020 - 0 comments

Covid-19 has got most of the superpowers down to their knees and many are of the opinion that the world, as we know it, was never prepared for such a pandemic or the changes it brought. True. But the truth also lies in the fact that we the people of this world, did prepare us subconsciously from a technological standpoint to avoid the adversities of such a pandemic to a great extent and this was possible because of the digitization and the technology responsible for it.

The social distancing and the mass-scale WFH structure have been solely possible because of the digitization of work structure and business models. A similar paradigm shift was seen during the advent of the internet at first and later the e-commerce boom. At that point in time, it was more of a luxury, now it is more of a necessity. With the changing human behaviour dynamics, even those people who dreaded the thought of working from home are now showing 25% increased productivity while doing the same.

Moreover, the social distancing criteria presented the e-commerce platform as a solution to the problem that cropped up just now. Of course, some of the sectors are badly hit such as tourism and this is further affecting the overall economy. A digital transformation is the silver-lining right now that we all can look out for.

Points should also be kept in mind that many other organizations with a good digital presence and with the adaptation of changing needs saw immense growth. Brand selling sanitizers or masks and even those that are dealing with essential commodities have been pulling in all their resources to meet the unexpected surge of online orders.

On average it takes 2 months or 66 days to be exact to form a habit. Here, people have been in the lockdown for more than that and are slowly and steadily getting accustomed to the digital way of life. As and when we get out of this pandemic, and trust me we will, the world will see will have a different emergence of engagement; be it shopping or working or leading the way of our lives. The sooner we realize the same, the better will it be for us to adapt, or maybe, subconsciously, we are already there.

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