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PI & 3C's

Our success mantra for the perfect balance

People – It will always be about the people – ‘Whether clients, team members or target audience, advertising is all about people, and if you understand them, then the possibilities are endless’, as quoted and implemented by Darpan right from the mental inception of DigiStreet as an idea.


What the word itself implies, we ensure to live by it –

“The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”.

‘A gentleman of complete integrity’ or ‘the state of being whole and undivided’ – we always aspire like this simple message to reflect across all corners of our relationship, people, thinking, and processes.


We see anything and everything in the world. At times the present, the future, or the past falls under two lens classifications and that is Designs & Ideas. There is no 3rd word we can think of and hence that’s the only credo at DigiStreet.


We are living at a time when the speed of change is as fast as lightning in the sky. If we represent the same on a graph, it will look like this (graph – see below). Riding this graph on the rocket of Change we are only going up with no slowing or stopping and experiencing a blurred time. Here, in a world of certain change but uncertain tomorrow, we need the Courage! Courage to ride out this rocket of change with ease and bring in the future with glory.



In this age, we rely a lot on technology, yet we call it Artificial Intelligence. It’s a no-brainer that common-sense is the base of human understanding and till the time we evolve into something even better or have a sensibility unthought of, let common-sense be a well-celebrate virtue and the same adds value to our organization as to us it plays a significant role when natural stupidity is around all the time in this time of lightning-fast change.



To be a renowned and Independent Marcom name by sincerely serving the mission as one unit always.


Serving seven meaningful work every year that we and our definition of people talk with full vigor whenever given a chance. It’s like many people have loved but the one who has made the Taj Mahal has become insignia of it. So we make 7-Love, and it’s ambitious and we know it!


How we keep pace with the changing market trends?

We are all aware of the fact that these days change is the only factor in our lives that is more or less constant. And in these changing times, the challenge is to be prepared at all steps of the way. To answer our insatiable curiosity in this challenging time, we have devised our very own knowledge sharing session with a platform called Rise-up Hour!

Rise UP-hour is our very own victory hour that helps us prepare for these ever-changing times by staying ahead while working on our core.

Every single individual at DigiStreet Media is encouraged to inculcate the habit of reading (that’s a rare luxury in our times) content on a variety of topics because we think knowledge is the ultimate weapon we can arm any individual with! And pertaining that, we organize a weekly meeting called Rise Up Hour wherein all the conceptualizers as well as anyone else who is interested, gather before office-hours to brainstorm and discuss different topics; be it digital trends, psychology in advertising, teachings of mythology or anything interesting we can think of so that we can feed those grey cells and churn out better and brighter ideas. It’s all about touching ideas irrespective of the time.

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