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The Digital Success Recipe: Your Guide to the Focus Formula

Darpan Sharma - November 3, 2023 - 0 comments

Imagine a formula for success in the digital world, like a recipe. We call it the Focus Formula, and it looks like this: F = R2P2.

The first part of the formula, ‘R,’ stands for Relationships. This means it’s important to build good connections with yourself, your work, and the people you work with. It’s like the foundation of a house – you need it to be strong.

Next, we have another ‘R,’ which is Resistance. This means you should never give up, no matter how tough things get. Challenges are like big problems, but you have to look them in the eye and find solutions. It’s a bit like when you play a video game and don’t give up, even if it’s hard.

Now, we come to ‘P.’ The first ‘P’ stands for Patience. This means you have to wait and keep going, even when things are really difficult. It’s like waiting for a plant to grow – you can’t rush it.

And there’s a second ‘P,’ which is Persistence. This is like a reminder to keep trying, even when you feel like giving up. It’s a bit like having a friend who tells you to keep going when things are tough.

While your brain thinks about all of this, let your heart guide you with strong Focus. Think of Focus like a laser beam – it helps you stay on track and not get distracted.

So, the Focus Formula is like a simple recipe for success in the digital world. It’s all about building good relationships, never giving up, being patient, and trying again and again, all while staying really focused on your goals. And in this digital age, you have access to lots of information and great courses that can help you reach your dreams. So, pick a path and learn what you need to stay on track with the Focus Formula.

About the Author:

Darpan Sharma

An entrepreneur and CEO of DigiStreet Media Private Limited (, an independent Marcom company in India. His journey, marked by college suspensions and later recognized as a distinguished alumnus, reflects his remarkable transformation. His company was acknowledged as a Top 20 firm in its domain by Silicon India in 2016 and has served renowned clients, including Buddha Circuit (F1 race), HP, Okaya, Mitsubishi FAD, Microtek, Apeejay, and various Fortune 500 companies in Creative, Strategy, and Digital Marketing. Connect on LinkedIn:

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