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PPC Strategy & Trends To Watch In 2021

Raj kamal - May 20, 2021 - 0 comments

Business and marketing have boarded the internet, and where else to look for consumers other than the worldwide web? But, with great competition comes a great need to expand the consumer base by maximizing the product’s reach. This is where PPC (pay-per-click) strategies enter the marketing essentials.

Google and Facebook are the leading platforms for businesses to showcase themselves and their products. 2020 statistics say that search ads help increase brand awareness by 80%. With such a high rate of return, it is no surprise that businesses are investing heavily in PPC marketing. 

This article will cover a few important PPC strategies and trends to watch in 2021.

Making automation the new normal

Automation and machine learning have made PPC marketing quick and efficient. By making the machines learn algorithms, businesses plan and develop programs to reach their goals. AI helps in finding out the performance of the campaigns, allowing businesses to adjust their finance distribution. The system looks for consumer behaviour patterns and formulates an action plan.

Automation, therefore, will help businesses create optimized ads, generate vibrant ads for the target population, and also provide a performance report for further development.

Stay relevant with social media

3.96 billion people use social media. The platform, hence, becomes a premier spot to introduce the business to the people. Releasing sponsored content is a widely used way, but a more impressive way is influencer marketing. Product mentions by influencers who have a massive following help quick marketing with a loyalty potential.

Instagram, the social media chief, has made several arrangements for businesses to showcase their products effectively. However, maximizing content engagement requires one to milk the media trends and stay relevant.

Capture the audience through videos

A video is a powerful tool for a business to convey the concept and a product in a few seconds. People these days prefer watching a 20-second video over reading a 300-word advertisement. The versatility of the medium makes it stronger. Most marketing experts believe that videos increase audience engagement and help build rapport with potential customers.

A 2020 feature that will be highly opted in 2021 is the YouTube masthead. Holding the topmost position on a global application will surely help in attracting a bigger crowd. 

Videos are used to let consumers experience the product themselves. Virtual reality that has seen a three-fold growth in the last decade is likely to be a beneficial PPC trend in 2021.

  • Let their voice pull you to the top

Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google assistant are household names. They are the AI helpers that make tasks extra convenient. To make these more accessible, developers have enabled regional language assistance. In 2019, less than 5% used voice searches for shopping; this number is expected to reach 50% in 2022.

However, it should be noted that securing a higher rank in voice searches will take different efforts than for web page ads. Here, longer keywords that come with conversational words prove beneficial. It is essential to check how the consumers search for the product and then bid the keywords.

Though Google and Facebook stay at the top of the PPC game, the entry of Amazon has caused a stir. Consumers log in to shop on Amazon, which will help the product sales. Bing, the default engine for Alexa, also has its PPC procedures. Alternative websites such as Quora, LinkedIn, and Spotify have proven to be beneficial for company exposure.

PPC marketing demands a team of marketing aces. However, young businesses also have the option of hiring a service like DigiStreet. Digistreet’s marketing services offer personalized solutions for PPC-related problems after thorough study and brainstorming. PPC indeed is a competent path when utilized appropriately.

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