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Google Ads v/s Facebook Ads: A fight for better reach

Malika - August 19, 2020 - 0 comments

We are living in this 21st century where illiterate are not those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn. This is the same thought that goes hand in hand with this advertising business. An individual in advertising must unlearn old to achieve something new and great. Your advertisement is a story unfolding all customer’s touchpoints and a brand should care about that. Advertising and marketing though is an art, all of this begins with a blank canvas and an open mind and ends with painting that vision promoting your brand from a brand to the brand.

Today it is a challenge for every brand that how to choose the right platform so that they can launch their artillery with a laser-guided execution. If you want to understand how a lion hunts then you should go to the jungle instead of a zoo. Which way to choose is a tedious task.

Based on the audience base: 

Both platforms provide a wide reach to the audience and all thanks to their huge active users base. Each day Google encounters 5.8 billion daily searches whereas Mark’s Facebook enjoys 1.73 billion active users. Identifying the right fit for your business, you should consider both and ask yourself whether your product is search-oriented or social media-oriented and identify your target audience. But Facebook excels here as even if google has 5.8 billion searches daily but those searches are not specific to you whereas, Facebook can help in catering to every individual’s account with the help of their person to person pitching structure.

Based on cost and ROI:

Facebook is slightly cheaper than google as far as cost per click is concerned. With an average CPC of $3.77, Facebook is cheaper than google. Facebook is great in the process of building awareness whereas google ads are more beneficial to reach users at the time of purchasing decisions. Another factor is CPA( Cost per Action) and again in this scenario as well Facebook is slightly cheaper than google with an average CPA of $18.68.

Conversion rate and lead generation:

Google is not a search engine, it is a mindset and an alternative for the word search as far as the world wide web is concerned. If you ever wanted to buy an air conditioner, the fundamental step in that way is to google search and that is why Google always beats Facebook in this war of better conversion rates. Most people use Facebook as a place to socialize and relax. No one searches for the Air Conditioners on Facebook. It can be used to build a specific audience, community whereas google is famous for instant conversions and leads.

Brand awareness and loyalty:

Facebook is the katana for brand awareness and loyalty programs. With more creativity and engagement, Facebook offers users to form communities. With a huge visual impact, brands can promote influential thoughts and can execute hypodermic needle-like strategies very easily. The interlinkage and circulation of the ads are more effective with Facebook. Whereas Google is limited to search only, you can get better conversion rates but cannot influence your audience with loyalty programs.

The better way?

Have you ever thought why eating burgers and fries together taste more delicious? because going for a combo is always a better choice. Considering all the aspects, we can see that these platforms have different approaches and strategies. But the reality is they both are not perfect, but they make a perfect combo. If one is helping your brand to get awareness then another one is helping you with your lead generation and conversion rates which will help you to enhance your performances and projections.

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