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Ecommerce SEO Insights into Festive Marketing To Boost E-Commerce Sales

Raj kamal - December 20, 2022 - 0 comments

Shoppers anxiously await the Christmas season in order to get their favorite things at deep discounts. In fact, Christmas retail sales exceeded $1 trillion in 2018. You may simply attract and convert these consumers into customers by developing an effective holiday season marketing campaign on time.

Amazon handles this really well. It customizes the webpage for each user depending on their previous surfing history. It displays items connected to your browsing history, for example. It also provides further recommendations based on your previous orders.

Allow for on-the-go browsing and ordering
Because everyone is busy during the holiday season, customers prefer to browse items and place purchases on the move.

One method to achieve this is to update your webpages by adding fresh offerings, emphasizing vital information, and improving the user interface.

The goal is to eliminate friction in the buyer’s journey, and concentrating on these factors can assist with that!

Utilize Push Notifications
Push notifications might deliver timely updates and essential info on holiday discounts and deals. However, there are several recommended practices to follow when delivering push notifications, since a bombardment of updates may upset users, causing them to disable push notifications or delete the app entirely.

  1. Study your users attentively before delivering push alerts connected to festive offers
  2. Consider the offerings, the period when users are inactive/active, the location, the sort of event, and other factors.
  3. Work on customizing and upgrading the alerts that prompt consumers to act.
  4. Examine what rivals are doing and draw examples from non-competitors to include into your own plan.
  5. To automate your push notifications, use tools.

Planning the Right Offers
Popular offer kinds throughout the holiday season include flash deals, last call for purchases before the event is ended, and so on. You may even organize your own billion-day sale. It is critical to carefully design the offerings that would appeal to your target clients.

Learning About the Offers’ Business Impact: It is critical to understand about the anticipated offers’ business impact. For example, the subject of festive offers is lowering the cost of goods and services. It is important to emphasize how these affect the bottom line. Ideally, the results should be positive, but if the offers dramatically reduce the prices, you must analyze the deals and select the appropriate sort of offer.

Promoting the Bargains Through Various Digital Channels
Customers should be aware of the deals you offer, and without a promotional plan, it isn’t simple to do that. A mix of eCommerce content marketing, PPC marketing, and social media marketing may aid in advertising bargains through the proper channels and to the right audience.

Use Social Media Platforms to Give Your Festive Campaigns a Boost
Social media is the ideal partner for facilitating holiday marketing strategy and achieving your goals. The industry, business, and target audience will govern the selection of the suitable social media platform and ad kind.

The following characteristics will assist create leads and sales regardless of the social media platform or ad type you pick.

Looking to connect the festive theme to your brand to grow your business. Digistreet Media is ther perfect partner that can help you grow your business in the most optimized manner with the latest trends and using the best tools.

Connect Festive Offers With The Festival’s Theme
Reflect a holiday theme on your website and mobile app, whether through design elements or unique deals. You could incorporate creatives on festival trends and optimize your web pages on related keywords like “Festive Deals in India” and “Best Diwali Offers”. The goal is to keep the theme of the campaign cheerful throughout the buyer’s journey.

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