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5 Simple Steps to Help You Check SEO Health Of Your Website

Raj kamal - April 13, 2021 - 0 comments

The SEO health of your website signifies how well it is working in promoting your brand. Based on the BrightEdge report, 68% of any user’s online experience always begins from the search engine. That is why a website that does not have a good SEO system will most likely fall in rank, thus losing existing customers and potential ones to their competitors.

This is because only 0.78% of users are likely to click on results that they find on the search engine’s second page. To avoid such a situation, it is always a good idea to look for ways on how to check the SEO health of your website in 5 simple ways.

Steps to Check the SEO Health of Your Website

As many have no idea how this is done, here is how to check the SEO health of your website in 5 simple steps.

  • Check the Web Page’s Speed

The speed at which a website takes to load is one of the important SEO factors for a web page. Brands often lose clients due to the web page taking a long time to load. If you are unaware of how fast your page takes to load, try using speed tools like Google page speed insights. This will tell you what your page speed is and offer suggestions on how it can be improved.

  • Track the On-Site SEO

One of the basic foundations of an SEO strategy is having good on-site SEO to help your website grow. This includes:

  • Ensuring that your page has a unique page title.
  • Avoid having pages that are similar to your competitors.
  • Use meta descriptions as it allows your page to stand out further.

To ensure there are no issues on your website related to the on-site SEO, try using various tools like Hubspot.

  • Track the Analytics of your Web Page

One of the key functions of SEO is to track what is happening on your web page, analyze it, and then optimize it in a way that will benefit you. This means having an idea of who all are visiting your page often, what they do and view as well as for how long they stay. A website with good SEO health will have its analytics set up accurately to avoid any misrepresentation of data.

  • Check that it is Mobile-Friendly

Most online users tend to browse the website from their phones rather than use a desktop. That is why a website with good SEO health will ensure that it can be viewed from mobile through various built-in tools. This means that the website plug-ins and add-ons will have to be compatible with the software technology built to the mobile.

  • Check the Website’s Security

A website’s security is extremely important, meaning that your website should have numerous types of security measures to protect it. A website that can be hacked easily will lose the trust of its customers and its credibility. Websites with good SEO health will have one of the basic security levels: the SSL security certificate (https) and other security plug-ins. This allows people to know that your website is legit.

Keeping in mind how to check the SEO health of your website in 5 simple steps, the above steps allow you to run the check periodically without having to reach out for external help. However, it is always recommended to hire SEO experts like Digistreet to maintain your site’s SEO health. With SEO services, you will have access to the best services that ensure your website runs smoothly and efficiently.

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